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Smart clip

Item Description

Smart-Clip: unlock mobile phones easy
Official Smart-Clip website


Smart-Clip is a professional device that removes SP/SIM/phone/user lock.
Works with a wide range of mobile phone models.
Simple standalone one-button operation.
Unlocking takes just a couple of seconds.
No PC, disassembling or special technical knowledge needed.
Currently supported popular phone models

* Axxx: A1000
* Cxxx: C118, C390, C115, C116, C117, C155, C156, C157, C236, C250, C260, C266, C268, C330, C331, C332, C333, C334, C335, C336, C350, C350L, C350V, C353, C355V, C359V, C370, C380-C385, C385, C450, C450L, C550, C650, C651, C975, C980
* Exxx: E1, E1000, E370, E365, E375, E378i, E380, E770, E396, E398, E550, E920
* Lx: L6, L7
* Ux: U6
* Vxxx: V190, V150, V151, V170, V171, V180, V186, V188, V220, V226, V300, V303, V330, V400, V500, V505, V525, V525M, V535, V545, V547, V550, V551, V600, V620, V635, v975, V980, V1050, V557
* Vxx: V60, V66, V60i, V66i, V70, V80
* Vx: V3i, V3, V3i, V3x
* Txxx: T280, T280i, T720, T720i, T721, T722i, T725e
* Axxx: A630, A830, A835, A845, A920, A925, A1000
* Sendo S2xx/S3xx/P2xx/M5xx/S6xx: SND200, SND230, P200, P230, M550, S600, SND800 and others
* List of all supported cell phone models

Outstanding features

* Standalone operation
* Large list of supported phone models (all versions), constantly growing
* Real-time upgrades online
* Free upgrades (A, C, E, T, V series)


Smart-Clip uses LPT port to connect to PC.
Smart-Clip firmware can be upgraded through the Internet in real-time using our ActiveX plugin.
Upgrades include latest firmware AND additional phone vendors/models support.
(NOTE: Upgrades are FREE OF CHARGE)
Features currently in development

* Direct special function to repair phones using full flashing
* Direct JTAG function to repair phones with lost boot zone
* Direct JTAG function for testing CPU/RAM/FLASH
* Both features listed above will be available via upgrades free of charge

Buy a DC Power Adapter
Smart-Clip FAQ

* Does Smart-Clip need to be activated?
* Where do I get login/password for product update?
* How do I know the version of my Smart-Clip?
* Why is there LPT port in Smart-Clip?
* Do I need to configure my LPT port for Smart-Clip update?
* How do I update my smart-clip?
* "Smart-Clip Online Updater" doesn't show in my browser. What do I do?
* Why is there a service socket in Smart-Clip?
* I went through all steps mentioned in Operation Instructions but E/G indicator stays red. Why?
* Power indicator blinks red. What does it mean?

Smart-Clip Support, Quick Guides
Smart-Clip user's manual Download (83 kb)
SmartMoto user's manual Download (18 kb)

Operation instruction

1. Power on the Smart-Clip and E/G indicator will light green.
2. Power on the phone without SIM card and flash card (if present).
3. Connect phone to Smart-Clip and press the "Unlock" button ( red on older clips ).
4. E/G indicator will light green and go off, the phone will switch off (some models will automatically turn on then).
5. E/G will light green on success or red on error
6. Successful unlock resets User Code to 1234, Security Code to 000000

* Pinout P2K (standard + forced boot)

Sendo snd2xx/snd3xx/snd5xx/snd6xx/snd8xx unlocking procedure

1. Power off the phone
2. Connect clip to the phone using RJ45 cable (pinouts below)
3. Press UNLOCK button
4. Press Power button on the phone within 5 seconds after you press UNLOCK button on a clip. RX/TX leds will blink
5. E/G led will glow green on success.

When you unlock Sendo phone use either fully charged phone battery OR power supply from Smart-Clip. Don't use them both at the same time! If you use power supply from Smart-Clip, make sure current is not less than 300mA, otherwise not all data will be properly recorded to the phone.

* Pinout Sendo snd2xx snd3xx snd6xx
* Pinout Sendo snd5xx
* Pinout Sendo snd8xx

V18x/V22x/C65x/C38x (newer versions), C975/V980/E1000 (Boot Loader unlocking note Unlocking newer versions of V18x/V22x/C65x/C38x or C975/V980/E1000 (Boot Loader may require additional user intervention.

It may happen that E/G led still blinks after display turns off - it means that you have to turn the phone ON manually within 2-3 seconds after display turns off; alternatively you can try to unlock this newer version of V18x/V22x/C65x/C38x with battery charger on.

Unlock procedure for A920/A925/A1000

1. Power the phone on.
2. Connect the phone to a powered clip. Phone display should give "USB cable connected" message.
3. Press UNLOCK button on the clip.
4. Phone reloads. Within 5-10 seconds phone display gives "Waiting for PST" message.
5. Press A and B keys simultaneously in upper part of the handset. The phone enters boot mode (if you don't press these 2 keys during "Waiting for PST" message, the clip will give red E/G led and you will have to start with step 1 again).
6. After A and B keys have been pressed E/G green led will blink and phone reboots. Meanwhile E/G will give frequent green blinking and phone will turn on.
Do not disconnect cell phone from Smart-Clip while green led indicator blinks!
7. Green E/G led glows. The cell phone is unlocked.

Axxx/Exxx/Vxxx unlocking note
Don't unplug cable right after phone reboot, wait until E/G led stops blinking!

E396/E398 unlocking note Remove flash card from phone before unlocking

C115/C116/C155/C156/E365/V171 unlocking procedure

1. Power off the phone
2. Connect clip to the phone using RJ45 cable (pinouts below)
3. Press UNLOCK button
4. Press Power button on the phone within 5 seconds after you press UNLOCK button on a clip. RX/TX leds will blink
5. E/G led will glow green on success *

* After successful unlock (green led on) phones with inserted sim card may ask for PCK or NCK code. Enter 00000000 ("zero" 8 times)

* Pinout C115 C116 C155 C156 V171
* Pinout E365

Smart-Clip upgrade procedure

1. Connect Smart-Clip to PC using LPT cable
2. Power Smart-Clip ON (warning: don't use battery!)
3. Go to our Upgrade Zone
4. Upgrade Zone uses ActiveX element, answer "Yes" to install and run it
5. Press "Connect"
6. Press "Update" if your version is out of date
7. Power Smart-Clip OFF
8. Disconnect LPT cable

Smart-Clip Support, Troubleshooting
How to force P2K phone to enter boot mode?

With P2K phones with mini USB socket you should power the phone off, simultaneoudsly press * and #, then power the phone ON. The phone should enter boot mode.

For oher P2K phones you should use special cable to force boot mode (it has 13th and 14th pins shorted). Specifically - remove battery, connect cable, insert battery, power the phone ON.

You may wish to check out the cable pinouts

Problems with ActiveX client:

If you have problems running unsigned ActiveX, please open Explorer's menu Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level and change "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" to "Prompt"

If you encounter problems during update make sure that:

1. Firewall on your computer (or your LAN) is configured properly or disabled
2. You have reliable internet connection
3. LPT port settings are set to EPP in BIOS
4. Your LPT cable works properly
5. You use a stable power supply with your clip (use power adapter)
6. Your IE version is not lower than v5.0
7. If you run update under WinXP, log in as Administrator or any other account with administrative rights

If you have problems updating under WinXP please download PortTalk file, unzip it and run install.bat. After that reboot your computer.

If you still have problems with update send the following to support {at} :

1. Log file you get at update failure
2. Description of what had happened and a current status of clip

If you encounter unlock problems make sure that:

First of all, make sure the phone model you are trying to unlock is in the list of supported models. If it is, you need to make sure the phone you are unlocking is charged to its full battery capacity and that battery connection poles are clean. Make sure your cable connection is good too. Use power adapter for Smart-Clip while unlocking.

To improve clip to phone connectivity:

1. Remove 4 front-panel screws
2. Take PCB out of the box carefully
3. Solder LPT and USB ports to ground
4. Assemble clip

Package Includes:

* Smart-Clip in aluminium casing
* Cable for Sendo 2xx
* Cable for Sendo 5xx
* Cable for E365
* Cable for C115, C116, C155, C156, V171
* USB Data Cable
* Mini USB Data Cable
* Battery connector


6 months
Please note that cables are the accessories and are not covered by warranty

Weight : 0.35kg