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Dream Box PLUS

Description :

This box provides complete solution for servicing (repairing, flashing, unlocking and tuning) of Siemens mobile phones. The device was developed basing on the latest technological achievements and is efficient and reliable like no other product in this segment of the market.

Outstanding Features:

Ultimate file repository, allowing you to locate ANY flash file that has ever been produced by Siemens mobile
Powerful functionality and advanced features
Support for EGold-based phones without cutting tracks using a built-in TP adaptor
Direct support for SGold-based phones without disassembling
Support for the latest Siemens phone models
Support open to your needs
Using only one phone’s full flash file for different flash chip types
Best functionality
Only one test point needle for all Siemens phones
Quick support for the latest Siemens phones models
Original Siemens flash files support (*.exe, *.xbz)
Original Siemens settings file support (*.map)
Plenty of educational materials - tutorials, manuals, FAQ, pictures and diagrams
Fast and reliable support on <our forum>
Reliable redesigned hardware
No cutting tracks

DreamBox Service Software application, coming in the package is characterized by simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to perform most of phone service tasks with one click of the mouse.

Save your precious time with DreamBox+If you work with stocks of Siemens phones, Dreambox+ will offer you unique and exclusive function, which no other product can boast – a scenario function. Scenario helps corporate users save loads of time and efforts by creating custom user-defined settings scheme, which can then be applied to multiple phones without the need to specify all settings manually for each mobile phone instance.

Unlock & Flash without Testpoints!

DreamBox is a professional device designed for phones service and repairing. DreamBox works with a wide range of phone models. It provides the capabilities for diagnostics, restoring and repair of mobile phones.

Main features:The fastest flasher for Siemens!
Support for the latest Siemens phones models
Fast and professional support
No cut tracks needed!
Use ONE testpoint only!
Unlock SGOLD series without disassembling
Repair ALL dead phones
Repair IMEI, "Wrong Soft." etc.
Original Siemens flash files support (*.exe)
Original Siemens settings files support (*.map)
Unlock ALL locks and phone codes
Close SP-lock to any network
Software works on ALL known SW versions
Best phone contrast tuning
Format FFS (Mobile Flash File System)
Phone On/Off, Simulate SimCard
Special functionality for simultaneous unlocking/flash update of multiple phones
Can read/write ANY flash blocks
Remote UPDATE function
Multiple boxes can be connected to one PC
Use one full flash file for phone model with any flash-chip type.
Supported modelsFull support: C45, C65, C66, C6C, C6V, C72, C75, CF75, CX65, CX70, CX75, CX7i, M65, M75, ME75, M6C, ME45, MT50, S45, S45i, S65, SK65, SK6R, SL45, SL45i, SL65, 3618, 6618, C72V, CX6C, CX6V, CX7C, CX7V, SL6C, C70, S6V, S6C, S66, S46, S75, SL75, SP65, A50, A51, A52, A52V, A52M, A55, A56i, A57, A60, A65, A70, A71, A75, AX75, A62, A62C, A65C, AX72, A31, AF51, AL21, C55, C56, C60, CF62, M46, M55, M56, MC60, S55, SL55, CF110, SX1, S68, C81, EL71.

Support by calculation of unlock codes: 8008, CL50, CL55, ST55, ST55(old), ST60.

DreamBox Package contains: The DreamBox Device
USB connector cable
Cables for connection with phones
Test point and battery cable
Also you get:
Full technical support
Access to DreamBox support section with flash files, circuit schemes, solutions etc.

Weight : 0.25kg